Our Methodology

We build some of the Middle East and North Africa’s most innovative and cutting edge impact entrepreneurship programs focused on key social outcomes. We also offer online training by some of the world’s leading educational programs. We aim to position youth and women at the forefront of innovation, empowering them to use business as a force for change. 



We turn youth, employees & communities into entrepreneurial problem solvers.

Through insightful research, meaningful partnerships, and inspirational challenges and competitions, we help turn youth, employees and communities into entrepreneurial problem solvers.


Our educational programs help entrepreneurs launch and scale their business, learn new technologies, and develop new skills

We build the MENA’s leading virtual learning programs, accelerators, incubators, hackathons, and workshops leveraging some of the globe’s foremost experts. Our programs are SDG-aligned and help entrepreneurs launch and scale their startups while developing new skills. From entrepreneurship 101 classes to fully offline accelerators, we cover the whole value chain.


We connect entrepreneurs to investor and media ecosystems to accelerate their journey

We help governments & corporations amplify their impact by leveraging the power of entrepreneurs through platforms that celebrate success stories, and then broadcast them, giving young innovators center stage.


We look for empathetic and passionate management teams leading companies committed to generating profits while maximising impact

Each year, we invest in some of the best impact startups, providing them with early stage seed capital and supporting them on their pre-series A journey. We look for companies that have impact at the center of their mission who also generate profits. Our objective is to seed some of the companies that will change MENA.

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Our Partners

We bring together leading governments, development organizations, and the private sector to create game-changing opportunities for innovation and impact entrepreneurship

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What we provide

We provide entrepreneurs with the facilities and services they need to launch and scale their companies, though these vary depending on the actual program details and sponsors. Our thematic programs range between 6 weeks and 12 months, depending on the focus areas and stage of the companies.


We host fully virtual programming and also offer physical facilities where appropriate that may include co-working spaces, classrooms, entertainment zones, offices, an auditorium, etc.


A global network of experts, mentors, coaches, investors and advisors across industries and geographies that advise and train our startups, corporates, and community members.


Cutting edge innovation and entrepreneurship programs – both on and offline – that help launch and scale startups. Online learning programs in partnership with some of the world’s top VCs and Entrepreneurship schools.


Joining one of our programs means gaining access to a variety of services that entrepreneurs need – that includes legal registration in multiple jurisdictions, digital design, recruiting services, marketing, and more.

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