Our methodology

Our tried and tested methodology has been implemented regionally over the last three years with resounding success


We turn youth, employees & communities into entrepreneurial problem solvers.

Through insightful research, meaningful partnerships, and inspirational challenges and competitions, we help turn youth, employees and communities into entrepreneurial problem solvers. We’ve been doing this for a number of years and have to-date engaged more than 10,000 changemakers across the middle east.


Our educational programs help youth launch their entrepreneurial journey

We build the world’s leading accelerators, incubators, hackathons, and workshops leveraging some of the globe’s foremost experts. Our educational programs help youth launch their entrepreneurial journey and allows business leaders and corporates to swap outdated business models with win-win, innovative and SDG-aligned thinking.


We connect the youth to role models and decision makers

We help governments & corporations amplify their impact by leveraging the power of youth through platforms that celebrate success stories, and then broadcast them, giving entrepreneurs and young innovators center stage. In the process, we also connect the youth to role models and decision makers more directly.


We look for companies that are market driven, impact centered, and profit minded

Each year, we invest in some of the best impact startups, providing them with early stage seed capital and supporting them on their pre-series A journey. We look for companies that have impact at the center of their mission who also generate profits. Our objective is to seed some of the companies that will change the world.

Our Partners

We bring together leading governments, development organizations, and the private sector to create game-changing opportunities for innovation and impact entrepreneurship

What we provide

Changelabs delivers four basic offerings that are essential to igniting entrepreneurship within a community


Brick and mortar facilities that host our programs and services and include coworking spaces, classrooms, entertainment zones, offices, an auditorium, etc.


A global network of experts, mentors, coaches, investors and advisors across industries and geographies that advise and train our startups, corporates, and community members.


Cutting edge innovation and entrepreneurship programs that help launch startups among multiple stakeholder groups from ideation all the way to funding and launch.


• Legal registration

• Funding/ Investment

• Customer validation/ Testing

• 3D Printing/ Prototyping

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